About Us

The Group legacy started long ago in 1942 with preliminary trading of paper. Gradually, the group kept on growing and expanding its operations and now possesses a strong track record in the Global Market, Excellent Relationship with Vendors and Sound Financial Position in the market.

Under the adept leadership of Mr. Vipin Prakash Mangal and Mr. Sanjay Prakash Mangal, now the fourth generation of Entrepreneurs have taken over the board- Mr. Chanakya Prakash Mangal and Mr. Chandragupt Prakash Mangal.

With expertise in above mentioned activities, the group has entered and will continue to explore ventures with various sectors and segments of industries offering them tailor-made structured solutions. These personalized solutions help us build strong and trustworthy relationships with our customers. We make sure that our strengths complement and supplement our customer’s needs and requirements so that we are always able to strike for a win-win situation.

About Us

The Golden Rule

Rule of enforcing to reckon with for setting trends with the values and principles of the group.


Our team ensures that we follow our moral compass while providing our client’s the best returns


Mangalam will provide a fair opportunity to each one to beat their best, for growth through transparency, trust and honesty.

Society cares

Through efforts to conserve and improve environment.

Associate confidence

Through sharing of knowledge and concern for mutual benefit.


Our company’s ultimate-goal is to build a trusting relationship with our clients.


Mangalam Global Enterprise Limited is focused on being a pioneer in the Agri industry, mainly dealing in Castor and Cotton. With an exceptional financial track record, Mangalam Global Enterprise limited has established a reputable position in the market. Mangalam Global Enterprise Limited team is dedicated to procuring the best raw materials from both market and farms in order to increase yields, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Although being new, the company is now globally recognized due to exceptional quality and timely deliveries in the international market. The company is committed to constantly improve production through innovative technologies and is gradually progressing towards establishing a name in the Castor Derivates market as well.

Other Companies

In order to aid the structure business, the group is involved in trade activities as well. We deal with pre-sold goods so that we do not have to bear the risk of stocking as well as market rate fluctuations. Majority of these functions are done from a subsidiary company set up in Singapore. Hence, major trade involves imports and exports of products like Steel, chemicals, textiles and agri-products.

The group, being in existence in business since a long time, has also developed strong relations and international reputation in the market. It represents big business houses in India as well as multinationals situated in China, Germany and France.