Why Choose Us

Excellent relationship with vendors & sound financial position in the market


Mangalam is determined to reach and sustain a position of leadership.

Customer Satisfaction

Through consistent and dependable quality of products and services.

Stake holders confidence

Through adequate returns and growth of investment.

About Us

With expertise in above mentioned activities, the group has entered and will continue to explore ventures with various sectors and segments of industries offering them tailor-made structured solutions. These personalized solutions help us build strong and trustworthy relationships with our customers. We make sure that our strengths complement and supplement our customer’s needs and requirements so that we are always able to strike for a win-win situation.

We Believe in Achievements,
So Our Belief Is Our Way to Success...

The Group legacy started long ago in 1942 with preliminary trading of paper. Gradually, the group kept on growing and expanding its operations and now possesses a strong track record in the Global Market, Excellent Relationship with Vendors and Sound Financial Position in the market.

Under the adept leadership of Mr. Vipin Prakash Mangal and Mr. Sanjay Prakash Mangal, now the fourth generation of Entrepreneurs have taken over the board- Mr. Chanakya Prakash Mangal and Mr. Chandragupt Prakash Mangal.


Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

Agri Products

"Mangalam Global Enterprise Limited - our Agri Products division is a public entity which is listed on the NSE. Having a combined installed processing capacity of more than 1800 Metric Tons per day for various agricultural commodities like Castor, Mustard and Soyabean Seeds, Cotton Ginning, Rice and Wheat, Mangalam Global is a true trailblazer in the industry. This flagship company of Group Mangalam continues to grow by leaps & bounds along with strengthening of its status as a globally recognized exporter for these products."

Structured Business

"Over the decades the organization had made investments in infrastructure and real estate, keeping in mind the future expansion requirements of the business. The amount invested in the course was relatively small, but over the period same has grown in leaps and bounds as per Indian real estate growth. With this big land bank and past experience of the market"

Stainless Steel

"Our Stainless Steel manufacturing division - Mangalam Worldwide Private Limited is a leading supplier of Stainless Steel Billets, Blooms, Flats, Rods, Bright Bars, Angles & Strips of various engineering grades. Our customers use these products to make parts for various critical machinery used in high performance applications. The state of the art manufacturing plants and well equipped QA/QC infrastructure ensure that the products meet the stringent specifications of our global customer base. The Mangalam saarloh brand for our stainless steel products is synonymous with perfection in stainless steel."


High Returns With Low Risk is the Key