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Support and Discounting of Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Bills

Support and Discounting of Pre-sale and Post-Sales Bills

As a group, we first identify the need of the customer looking at the cash flow and management of the company. Once the requirement is ascertained, we arrange the necessary funds. These funds are provided mainly as working capital from the group companies. If required, we also arrange funds from associate companies and financial institutions. A proper structure is designed wherein due care is taken for timely disbursement, repayment and safety of the funds. As and when required, collateral security in different forms is also taken from the clients.

Participating as Collateral Management Agency (CMA)

Over the years, the promoters of the company have worked and gained enormous experience in the logistics field. Due to this reason, the group has capable logistics enablers who can work as collateral management agency as required. After assessing the customer and his company- their risk factor and supply chain management, we propose a customized solution.


Providing Warehousing facility

The Group understands the need of a warehouse for both manufacturing and trading industry. It possesses huge multi-storey warehouse facility and plans to increase the capacity in the near future. These warehouses spaces are then leased out to the customers according to their requirements. In addition, bonded warehousing facilities are also provided.

Coordinating for required Credit Trade Insurance

The company arranges and provides tailor-made insurance for the final buyer/end-user. On the basis of insurance, the company themselves discounts the debtors or alternatively arrange discounting of debtors by third party or financial institutions/banks.

Insurance planning
Factoring without recourse

Factoring without recourse and forfaiting coordinator

The group respects its clients and does not believe in sabotaging customer’s image or company. Hence, we provide factoring without recourse in some cases. As the group possesses international and global relations, it also protects the customer from the receivable’s risk. After forfaiting the sales invoices of the customer, the supplier is free from any risk for non-receipt of payment on due date. The same applies to the import of material.

Syndicating required External Credit Facility with Third Party Institute / Banks

It is always initially hard for smaller companies to approach a third party, institute and banks for funds. Understanding this, we act as an intermediary and promote/support the customers until they are satisfied with their credit standings. We have exclusive relationships with various bankers and financial institutes overseas. This way, the customer gets required credit lines from alternate sources.