Stainless Steel

About Us

Mangalam Saarloh is a leading supplier of Stainless Steel for various engineering grade materials. The Stainless Steel billets, blooms, ingots, round bars, flats, angles and strips supplied by Mangalam are used by our customers for various machinery parts and critical applications. Mangalam strives to delight its customers by exceeding expectations in terms of quality and delivery expectations.

Again being one of the most energy efficient plants in the country, we are proud of our environment friendly initiatives to provide our customers with Steel with the lowest carbon footprint.


Mangalam provides the products in various engineering grades and also in customised grades for easy machinability. The billets, ingots, hot rolled round bars & RCS bars, bright bars, hrap angles and flats are used by our customers in their finish product applications in industries like food and dairy, pharma equipment, oil and gas, aerospace and medical equipments for more details visit our website.


For further technical details and specifications, please visit MANGALAM SAARLOH.