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MSME segment

MFPL has developed a wide array of products and services to cater to the evolving needs of the SME sector.

Led by a group of experienced professionals, our expertise and network enables efficient structured finance solutions. The team has a comprehensive understanding of credit which helps meeting the mandated objectives of the entrepreneurs/corporates.

The company deals in several products to cater to a vast array of business needs. E.g. Bill Discounting (Domestic/Import/Export), Loan against securities/properties, finance against warehousing of goods.

Agri segment

India is a nation of villages and agriculture is the main source of livelihood of the rural population. This sector provides source of employment and livelihood to over 60% of the population in the villages. With this background Corporate India has started finding new opportunities in Agriculture.

MFPL constantly emphasizes on lending to Agricultural sector. The company has several Agri products viz. Finance against Warehouse receipt, Agri Gold Loan, Financing of Allied activities such as dairy, poultry etc., through loan against property finance.

Bill Discounting

Liquidity crunch due to credit period of debtors? No more, with our help. we undertake a transaction based on the quality of the receivables, unlike banks which take credit decisions based on a customer’s financial history/strength, cash flow and collateral. our services enable its clients (the Seller) to receive the funds almost immediately after dispatch through transport/shipment instead of waiting until the payment dates agreed with the buyer. This facility is flexible and directly linked to client’s sales and the quality of the buyer.

Warehousing Receipt Finance

The scheme provides funding to traders/owners of goods/manufacturers for own processing against Warehouse Receipts issued by Collateral Managers with whom we have tie-up. Further, the said funding is over & above the regular working capital provided by the customer’s principle banker.

Loan against Property

The product provides financial assistance to the customers for encashing the potential value of the property one is possessing. Further, various variants of loan against property are there so as to cater to various specific target clientele for their specific financial requirements