Corporate Announcements

Sr. No Date Description
1 26-Mar-2020 Covid19 Intimation of Closure of Manufacturing Units Corporate Office
2 30-Mar-2020 Intimation of Closure of Trading Window
3 17-Apr-2020 Covid19 Intimation of Restarting Manufacturing Units
4 07-May-2020 Resignation of Company Secretary Compliance Officer 14.05.2020-1
5 07-May-2020 Intimation of Board Meeting 14.05.2020-1
6 14-May-2020 Outcome of Board Meeting 14.05.2020
7 14-May-2020 Change in Company Secretary Compliance Officer
8 14-May-2020 Intimation of Contact Details of KMP
9 14-May-2020 Notice of Postal Ballot
10 14-May-2020 Instruction for Remote E-voting
11 19-May-2020 Newspaper Advertisement for Notice of Postal Ballot
12 02-Jun-2020 Intimation for Resignation of Independent Director
13 13-Jun-2020 Intimation of Board Meeting 19.06.2020
14 19-Jun-2020 Outcome of Board Meeting 19.06.2020
15 19-Jun-2020 Statement of Deviation
16 19-Jun-2020 Proceedings of Postal Ballot
17 19-Jun-2020 Voting Result of Postal Ballot
18 19-Jun-2020 Scrutinizer’s Report of Postal Ballot
19 19-Jun-2020 Dividend Rules & Forms
20 13-Jul-2020 Intimation of Board Meeting 20.07.2020
21 14-Jul-2020 Closure of Trading Window
22 20-Jul-2020 Outcome of Board Meeting 20.07.2020
23 20-Jul-2020 Intimation of AGM and Record Date for Dividend
24 25-Jul-2020 Newspaper Advertisement of AGM and Annual Report
25 27-Jul-2020 Newspaper Advertisement for Corrigendum to Annual Report 2019-20
26 13-Aug-2020 Proceeding of AGM
27 13-Aug-2020 Voting Results of AGM
28 13-Aug-2020 Scrutinizer Report
29 13-Aug-2020 Bonus Issue Record Date
30 02-Sep-2020 Outcome of Board Meeting 02.09.2020
31 08-Sep-2020 Intimation of Board Meeting 15.09.2020
32 15-Sep-2020 Outcome of Board Meeting 15.09.2020
33 28-Sep-2020 Intimation of Board Meeting 03.10.2020
34 03-Oct-2020 Notice of Postal Ballot
35 03-Oct-2020 Instructions for Remote-Evoting
36 07-Oct-2020 Newspaper Advertisement for Notice of Postal Ballot
37 23-Oct-2020 MGEL_IntimationOfBoardMeeting23102020
38 31-Oct-2020 Intimation for Adjournment of Board Meeting
39 01-Nov-2020 Outcome of Adjourned Board Meeting
40 07-Nov-2020 Proceedings of Postal Ballot
41 07-Nov-2020 Voting Results of Postal Ballot>
42 07-Nov-2020 Scrutinizer Report of Postal Ballot
43 09-Nov-2020 Outcome of Board Meeting
44 05-Dec-2020 Outcome of Board Meeting 05.12.2020
45 06-Feb-2021 Intimation of Board Meeting 13.02.2021
46 08-Feb-2021 Newspaper Advertisement Intimation of Board Meeting dated 13.02.2021
47 13-Feb-2021 Intimation of Adjournment of Board Meeting
48 14-Feb-2021 Outcome of Adjourned Board Meeting
49 16-Feb-2021 Newspaper Advertisement of Financial Results_31st December 2020
50 31-Mar-2021 Closure of Trading Window
51 21-May-2021 Disclosure under Reg30 of SEBI LODR_Opening of Branch in Bundi, Rajasthan
52 17-June-2021 Intimation of Board Meeting
53 24-June-2021 Intimation of Rescheduled Board Meeting
54 25-June-2021 Outcome of Rescheduled Board Meeting
55 26-June-2021 Submission of Declaration of Unmodified Opinion
56 27-June-2021 Newspaper Advertisement of Financial Results_31st March, 2021
57 06-Aug-2021 Intimation of Board Meeting
58 13-Aug-2021 Outcome of Board Meeting
59 14-Aug-2021 Newspaper Advertisement of Financial Results_30th June 2021
60 20-Aug-2021 Updates on Purchase of Movable & Immovable property of Kaneri Agro Industries
61 23-Aug-2021 Intimation for Closure of Unit II for Annual Maintenance
62 03-Sep-2021 Outcome of Board Meeting
63 03-Sep-2021 Intimation of AGM and Record Date for Dividend
64 03-Sep-2021 Newspaper Advertisements of Notice of 11th AGM
65 07-Sep-2021 Newspaper Advertisements confirming Dispatch of Annual Report & Notice of AGM
66 27-Sep-2021 Intimation of Board Meeting 04.10.2021
67 01-Oct-2021 Proceedings of AGM
68 02-Oct-2021 Voting results & Scrutinizers Report of AGM
69 04-Oct-2021 Outcome of Board Meeting 04.10.2021
70 09-Oct-2021 Newspaper Advertisement for Notice of Postal Ballot
71 15-Oct-2021 Updates on Kaneri Agro_15.10.2021
72 21-Oct-2021 Outcome of Board Meeting 21.10.2021
73 03-Nov-2021 Intimation of Board Meeting 13.11.2021
74 09-Nov-2021 Proceedings of Postal Ballot
75 09-Nov-2021 Voting Results & Scrutinizers Report of Postal Ballot
76 13-Nov-2021 Intimation of Rescheduled Board Meeting 13.11.2021
77 14-Nov-2021 Outcome of Board Meeting 14.11.2021
78 16-Nov-2021 Newspaper Advertisment for Financial Results
79 22-Nov-2021 Outcome of Board Meeting 22.11. 2021
80 29-Dec-2021 Closure of Trading Window